Christ Church School in Paradise Valley: Elementary

- a foundation for the future!

  • Personalized learning community
  • Accelerated education - see scores below!
  • In-classroom technology
  • Interactive, integrated curriculum
  • Curriculum enhancements include Spanish, P.E., Music, Chapel, Art, Religion and Library
  • After-school enrichment programs
  • Educational field trips
  • Community outreach activitiesChrist Church School in Paradise Valley!

Christ Church School in Paradise Valley


CCS  Elementary students received outstanding scores on the April 2018 Iowa Assessments!

For the fifth year in a row, Christ Church School Elementary students excelled on the Iowa Assessments. CCS students consistently score well above grade level

These test results prove what CCS 
parents, teachers, and administrators already know - Christ Church School's commitment to academic excellence DOES make a difference!  Small class sizes and personalized education provide opportunities for each student to excel academically and build confidence, leadership skills, and the foundational tools necessary for a lifetime of learning success.  

​​"Academic Excellence

Enriched by Faith"